How To Cope With Depression After A Break Up

Published: 05th September 2008
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If you've ever experienced a break up from a relationship then you have likely experienced depression as well. A break up can be devastating to the person on the receiving end. It can affect you on many levels of emotion, worth and confidence in yourself. Although this is a normal part of the grieving process after suffering the loss of a relationship it must be dealt with in its due time. Here are ways on how to cope with depression after a break up.

1. Vent your feelings. Don't keep your feelings, thoughts and emotions bottled up inside. You need to express how you feel so let it out. Talk to friends and family. Talk to a stuffed animal when they are not around. The point is you must vocalize your thoughts and hear them out loud. Reach out to those that care about you. Even if they don't have helpful advice to give you sometimes just talking will help you feel better.

2. Remove constant reminders of your ex. Don't leave photos and gifts from your ex lying around. It's hard but remove them so you don't have to see them everyday. You don't have to throw them out just yet but at least box them up and store them somewhere.

3. Pamper yourself once in a while. Treat yourself to something you wouldn't normally do. A massage, a facial, a vacation, new clothes. Whatever you would like. Do something to make yourself feel special.

4. Try reading. If you're not a reader have a friend recommend a good novel. You'll be amazed at how this can help you escape your surroundings and take you to far away places. You can really become engrossed in the characters lives while forgetting about your own for awhile.

5. Make a clean break. Avoid contacting your ex or receiving their calls and emails. If it's over, let it be over. If you both are trying to talk to each other several times a week how can you ever let go. Cut the cord.

6. Talking to friends is good but writing can offer you an unrestricted outlet. Write in a journal daily. Express your thoughts openly on paper. Go back and read what you have written from time to time. You'll be surprised at what you may learn about your previous relationship with your ex.

Suffering the loss of an intimate relationship is never easy and can cause a person great hardship. Although it is difficult you need to keep it in perspecitve. It is not a life threatening illness or the end of the world. Feeling depressed after a break up is normal but you can use the steps above and discover how to cope with depression after a break up.

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Peter Harris is a health care professional and author and writes frequently about relationships.

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