Steps For Moving On After A Breakup

Published: 20th February 2009
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Getting over a guy or girl after a breakup can be difficult, whether you broke up with them or vice versa. There is often a place in your heart and in your life that is not easily replaced by someone else. It is possible to get over a lost love and to move on with your life. Here are 5 steps for moving on after a breakup.

1. Let out the hurt. Don't bottle the hurt feelings inside. You need to express them and not necessarily to your ex. Sometimes it is helpful to keep a daily journal where you can express your feelings on a day to day basis. This can be as detailed or as general as you would like. It is to help make you feel better, not anyone else so keep it anyway that you want. If writing daily is not your thing then try writing a letter one day. Talk about anything you want in this letter - good times, bad times, the future, the past, your pain, your joy, anything at all. Let it all out. When you are done - burn the letter! That's right. It is not meant for anyone to see but you. It is simply a means for you to express your feelings in an uninhibited manner. It can be very helpful in overcoming a painful breakup.

2. Commit to yourself that the relationship is over. If you are toying with the idea that your ex may come back you will never be ready to move on and seriously start dating someone else. Do something that symbolizes the finality of the end of the relationship. Exchanging everything that you have of their's with everything that they have of yours is a good place to start. Keep nothing. You don't need reminders of them lying around. If the item is too small and insignificant then throw it out. You are symbolically clearing your life of your ex.

3. Reconnect with your friends. If you've let relationships slide with your friends because of your relationship with your ex then now is the time to reconnect with them. This step for moving on after a breakup can be very helpful. Not only will your friends help you get over your ex but they will also be helpful in boosting your social life once again.

4. Use your "new" time wisely. Most of us spend alot of time with our partners when we are in a relationship. Now that you have extra time do something for yourself. Get a hobby, go to the gym, get in shape, take a class. Invest in yourself. Taking care of yourself, being independent and confident can be more attractive to others than you realize.

5. Lastly, simply move on. Between your old friends, the new friends you make in your class or hobby, and the activities you do to fill up your time, you will emerge as a new person.

In all the steps for moving on after a breakup moving on is the best way to get over someone. Don't let anything stop you. You can survive and rise above this, usually for the better. Discover more here: Moving On

Peter Harris is a health care professional and author that writes frequently about relationships.

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