Top Five Things To Say To A Girlfriend After An Argument

Published: 14th August 2008
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Arguing between couples is normal and will happen to the best of couples. Avoiding arguments is probably not healthy and sooner or later one of you will explode. Arguing in this manner is usually counterproductive in that it becomes much harder to control your emotions and to reach a resolution. Arguments are a necessary part of any relationship because they allow you an avenue to express thoughts and opinions that you might not otherwise express. This is a way for the relationship between a man and a woman to grow and develop. You will have to make up after an argument. What you say to a girlfriend after an argument can determine how successful you will be in making up with her.

1. Be the first one to say I'm sorry.

2. Tell her that you love her and you want to make things right - even if you don't believe that you are wrong.

3. Just talk.

4. Tell her that you respect her feelings.

5. Tell her that you heard what she said and you wanted to think about it for awhile.

Learning what to say to a girlfriend after an argument can mean all the difference in how the two of you will make up, if you will make up at all. This needs to be handled correctly and following the simple advice above can make all the difference. You must always remember in order to maintain a long lasting, healthy relationship that arguing is not about who wins or loses. Arguing is about resovling conflicts so your relationship can go stronger.

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Peter Harris is a health care professional and author and writes frequently about relationships.

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